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Nico Sels

Sunday night at 11.59 EST we will know which game will win the poll and will be made when Jane's Kickstarterter campaign reaches her goal.
Registered CSG members who pledged over 16$ have the choice to vote between Moebius, Gray Matter 2 & Anglophile adventure.

My personal vote goes to Gray Matter 2.. it would be a bit weird if I did not, given that I'm running a Gray Matter fanwebsite ;-) but other than that it's where my preference lies too.

I don't know exactly why, but Moebius doesn't strike a chord with me, it resembles GK1 too much and that was my (oh shock) least favourite of the Gabriel Knight games, I also wasn't much of a fan of 'Dante's Equation' and the game seems to be really focused on the 'fabric of life' thing..

Gray Matter 2 on the other hand has me REALLY excited, you probably need to have played the first game to be really intruiged, but the whole premise of that desolate scottish island with it's creepy inhabitants, a matriarchy and the dark secrets gives me much more of a 'Gabriel Knight' feel than any other of the 2 games.

Anglophile Adventure looks nice, but I don't think it would be a wise choice to feature as Pinkerton Road's first game.. as it doesn't appear to be in the spirit of the games we know of Jane Jensen.

there's my two cents.  What's your idea on the 'Matter'? :smile:

Total Posts: 77 | Joined Aug. 2006 | Posted on: 7:58 am on April 14, 2012 | Link to this post

I already voted for Moebius. With GM2 it's risky. I *am* interested in GM2 (I like the setting) and I like the look of Anglophile Adventure. All three are games that I'd play. I think the main thing right now is to get past the kickstarter limit.

I wasn't a fan of Dante's Equation either. I barely made it through it. I hope Moebius will be different.

Total Posts: 2307 | Joined Aug. 2006 | Posted on: 7:22 pm on April 14, 2012 | Link to this post

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