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So, I've just played the game for the second time and I really think Jane did a great job. What amazes me the most is the richness of little details that the player can gather and that make sense once you get  the end. In another thread someone mentioned the newspaper cutting in the phone booth near Carfax Tower; I'd like to point out other two significant elements: when David wakes up, on the radio the speaker is talking about the problems of foster care system, something we'll soon be able to relate to Sam's background. When Sam finally reaches Mephistopheles in the basement of the Daedalus Club, we can see a book on a shelf, "Alexander he pseudomantis" by Lucian of Samosata. The title means "Alexander or the false prophet": Lucian was a satyrical writer of the Hellenistic age; Alexander was the founder of a cult and declared himself a prophet and a oracle but in this book Lucian exposes him as a fraud...I guess it's just another subtle hint at the theme of reality vs apparence.

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I didn't know about the book, it's interesting. :smile:

I noticed the radio message. It's very cleverly inserted; at least at first, the way David wakes up right afterwards totally takes your mind off it.

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