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        3D TVs, whats your opinion on 3D TVs
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and with play-station introducing games in 3D,

what do you think it will mean for adventures games and true 3D- gameplay.

I think they are awesome and mind blowing. IMAGINE the possibilities.


Total Posts: 130 | Joined Nov. 2008 | Posted on: 11:30 pm on Sep. 18, 2010 | Link to this post
Simo Sakari Aaltonen

I have not followed these developments, but when I went to see Avatar in 3D, it was a disappointment in more ways than one. Well, actually I was assuming neither the film or 3D effect would be very impressive, so maybe disappointment is not the exact word. It might be a nice addition to the aesthetic side of gaming, but not unless the effect really works 100%.

Immersion is impossible for me if I am constantly noticing the flawed 3D effect. Anyway, the story aspects will always be more important as far as I am concerned. Good writing and voice acting will always do more to keep me interested than 3D. I still watch the original black-and-white The Twilight Zone, but see no reason to watch Avatar again.

(Plus I get the distinct impression that 3D is just another way for the technology companies involved in visual media to con us out of our every last cent and we are not even being asked if we want this "revolution". It seems like yet another attempt to make these media interesting due to the technologies involved. They are mostly running on dry when it comes to actual content.)

The Adventure Companion

Total Posts: 359 | Joined Sep. 2008 | Posted on: 9:34 am on Sep. 19, 2010 | Link to this post

I'm not keen on 3D of any kind so I'm no help. :smile:

But there are possibilities for 3D games or simulations that would be mind-blowing- anything that has to do with places that you normally wouldn't visit, like inside a human body. :smile:

Total Posts: 2307 | Joined Aug. 2006 | Posted on: 5:29 pm on Sep. 20, 2010 | Link to this post

i don't know how exactly 3D looks on the latest TV screens.
and there's probably, like, two 3D movies that i've seen so far.. one of them being 'Avatar', the 3D of which didn't do much for me, and was more annoying than fun, really. kind of lame. something i could - in the state it's in right now - quite do without. (not to mention other aspects of the movie itself.. but that's beyond the point right now.)

so i'm not too enthusiastic about the 3D technology's state-of-the-art.. see it as too little extra value at too high a cost right now.
you buy those overpriced monitors (that i expect will be outdated in less than a few years) and like what quality content is out there right now that can actually make good use of it? i can't even think of a 3D movie worth to mention.
but we'll see in a while, once the Avatar induced hype ebbs and the dust settles..

i guess true 3D immersion would require one of those "virtual space" kind of goggles, anyway. rather than a flat screen somewhere in your livingroom.

Total Posts: 491 | Joined Aug. 2006 | Posted on: 8:17 pm on Sep. 28, 2010 | Link to this post
Fear the banana! That or get me icecream. =]

I would prefer a shift from graphics to gameplay, but the advenue doesn't sound horrible. I actually like low end graphics games more most of the time, though. Old RPG layouts are nice if you ask me.

"Rectitude carried to excess harden into stiffness; benevolence indulged beyond measure sinks into weakness."

Total Posts: 523 | Joined Sep. 2006 | Posted on: 8:27 am on Oct. 3, 2010 | Link to this post

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