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Hi there! There's no reason for babbling too much, so I'll get straight to the point:

I would greatly appreciate the help of anyone who can post the stanzas of this poem as they appear in GK3, not from anywhere else.

Thanks in advance!:tongue:

"In any compromise between food and poison, it is only death that can win."
-Ayn Rand

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I had some time to kill and a save point just before that part of the game, so ... here you go!

Le Serpent Rouge

In my arduous search, I was trying to hack a way with my sword through the dense vegetation of the woods like some pawn of destiny. I wanted to reach the place of the Sleeping Beauty in which some poets can see the Queen of a lost kingdom. Desperate to find the way, I laid down the path of RA and was illuminated.

I was further aided by the parchments of my friend. They murmur of the Lady. Long ago her name was ISIS, Queen of benevolent springs. Come to me all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Others knew her as MAGDALEN with the celebrated vase of healing balm. The initiated knew her to be the LADY OF THE LAKE and NOTRE DAME DES CROSS. The circle is the ring and the crown forms the diadem of the Queen of the castle.

The Queen's guard is the QUATERNITY: They who stand watch over the guardian. I look to the north and the west, then the south and the east, and everywhere I see them, their shining swords held out to meet each other. ST. MICHAEL and his brother, with their feet rooted in the earth. They surround the I.S. that none may harm her, and stand pressed against her in a way that PYTHAGORAS would have approved.

In the sanctuary is the font, fountain of love, of those who believe reminding us of these words "BY THIS SIGN YOU WILL CONQUER." I understand this now -- the four are the stuff of the alchemists laboratory, and their cant reflects the light in harmony with their Queen. And yet, the angels hold tight the secret of the angle that is the key to the kingdom. My friend knows the secret, but wisely hides the FRUIT among the chaff that the treasure not be lost to the infidels.

The Mosaic tiles of the sacred place alternate black or white and JESUS, like ASMODEUS, observes their alignment. I can find 64 stones of the perfect cube which the KNIGHTS of the beauty of the black wood had scattered when they fled from the white fort while they were being pursued by the usurpers.

Reassemble the scattered stones and, working with square and compass, put them into ranks. The Knightly Order of the Perfect Cube fits within and gives structure to our Lady's protection, the Heavenly quartet.

I visit the tomb of the celebrated painter Poussin and, like the SHEPHERDS, puzzle at the enigma of the tomb. My brain pounds, the light burns my eyes. It is all too mixed up to tell. Teniers, too, has dipped his brush in the earth and his at the 'innermost places' of the queen. Here is the sign that Teniers has given in his innocent recluse. Surely there is a path between the two.

Sixteen form the center and the center forms sixteen. I pray to St. Paul for direction and he answers with a simple gesture. Here is the reconstruction to which so many noble minds were dedicated! I look to the book of the hermit for reassurance. The numbers they give me confirm the truth. What strange mystery is concealed in the new TEMPLE OF SOLOMON, built by the children of ST. VINCENT?

And still my task has not ended; still a bit of curtain blocks the light. Something must complete the message, something which will give us entry into the abyss. Truth and falsehood battle in my head until I hear their message: it is the number of our patron skytraveler and that of a famous seal. The SOUL of the matter is evident to me now. At the intersection of the many I lay down one rigid arm and the others scatter around the crown like jewels. At last the Queen is adorned for her coronation!

Three is the trinity and the separation of the spheres. The three which are the four are the divisions of the temple. I began my journey in the shadows and completed it in the light. I had marked the Site at last - there, in the center of the most sacred space. At the summit of the mountain, the place stood out in the brilliance of the midday sun. It was guarded by the three knights' towers, the ROOKS, on the circuit of the divine horseman of the abyss.

At the window of the ruined house I looked across the trees denuded by Autumn. Close to me a presence, its feet in the water, like one who has just received the mark of baptism. I recalled the inscription: "Et In Arcadia Ego _ _ _." Through some selfish inspiration I found the missing three. The dust settled and I saw at last! Curses, I know the truth, HE IS THERE DEAD. The broken bread lies forgotten beneath the altar.

But the worst is yet to come. How many have pillaged the House, using the most sacred for purposes most foul? I turn north. Facing me I see unwinding, endless by its coils, the enormous RED SERPENT mentioned in the documents, rigid and bitter. The huge unleashed beast at the foot of the white mountain becomes scarlet with greed and drunk with stolen and profaned communion. DELIVER ME OUT OF THE MIRE.

I am aware of the scent of perfume which impregnates the sepulchre of the one I must release. Cursing the profane in their ashes and those who follow their ways, returning them from the darkness while making a gesture of horror at the abyss into which I had plunged. Here is proof that I knew the secret Seal of SOLOMON, and I had visited the secret places of the Queen who watches over the King. Take heed my friend, do not add or take away one iota; think and think again. The base lead of my words may contain the purest gold. LET HE WHO HAS THE UNDERSTANDING USE IT WITH WISDOM.

...and, uh, here's a video of Charity James reading the whole thing.

YouTube kinda mangled the text; I may try to redo it later.

Total Posts: 31 | Joined Mar. 2010 | Posted on: 3:39 am on June 3, 2010 | Link to this post
Simo Sakari Aaltonen

Awww, I thought you meant video of Charity James reading rather than footage from the game. :smile:

The Adventure Companion

Total Posts: 359 | Joined Sep. 2008 | Posted on: 10:00 am on June 3, 2010 | Link to this post

Haha, sadly, no. I bet that was an interesting recording session though.

Total Posts: 31 | Joined Mar. 2010 | Posted on: 6:42 pm on June 3, 2010 | Link to this post

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