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        Easter eggs...
               ...will there be any?
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Simo Sakari Aaltonen

Since it is Easter, I got to thinking about Easter eggs, and wondering if Gray Matter will feature any. I hope so. Gabriel Knight 3 had some good ones.

Although given a choice between "proper" optional interactivity and Easter eggs, I would obviously like as much of the former as possible...

The Adventure Companion

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Vortex Breen
Mostly different

Hmm. Interesting Simo. And topical :wink:

I'm not sure if GM will feature any Easter eggs. IMHO they're more likely to be a feature of well established franchises (appearing more often in sequels etc). But who knows? Maybe Jane will gift her die hard fans a hidden surprise or two. Something along the 'magic' theme maybe? Or maybe we'll have to wait for Gray Matter 2 for that privilege :wink:

I agree that GK3 had some great hidden extras! The comedy potential possessed by Gabe and Grace was perfect fodder for Easter eggs. I wonder if Gray Matter will be as funny and entertaining in places. I'm sure it will... :smile:

BTW, happy and peaceful Easter everyone!

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