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-- Posted by Talco on 12:07 pm on Dec. 16, 2010

Remember how we need to mute Sam's cellphone for a puzzle on the very first chapter? I forgot to turn off the silent mode, and so the phone was mute throughout the game. Now I remember Sam saying something along the lines of "she might as well throw it away" because she didn't get any calls. Then I remembered to turn the sound on. What's up with that? A design joke, or something important that caused me to miss something?

Also - I was a bit confused with the division to days and chapters. For example, chapter 2 is supposed to end with the pool session, because chapter 3 starts with the next day in the morning, with David waking from a nightmare. But there's no mention of the session. I'm not sure I remember correctly the ending of chapter 2, but the same thing happens with the transition from chapter 4 to chapter 5. Chapter 4 ends with the vote (stay or not), after which they're supposed to do the night's session. Only the next chapter, 5, is with David the next morning, and it's as if nothing happened! I opens with the shower scene, and I'm sure it's another day, though that doesn't make any sense, since there's no mention of the gym session. What gives?

-- Posted by Simo Sakari Aaltonen on 7:28 pm on Dec. 16, 2010

Chapters 2 and 3 take place on the same day, as do Chapters 4 and 5. (These overlap in terms of chronology.) And chapters 6, 7 and 8 are all the same day (and night). Now I hope I got all the numbers right - just heading to bed...

-- Posted by Krss on 5:28 pm on Dec. 18, 2010

I think the only call Sam was supposed to receive was from the phone bug in the office. I wonder, if the phone is always mute, how that works.

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